Monday, 13 June 2011

Final Posters

Below are my final four posters based around a screenshot of an email.  Each poster represents a case study of four different creative people.  I know all of these people and I have made sure me mentioning their names was ok before I went ahead and showed their work.

Close up of email

Above is a screenshot of my first poster which is based on a screenshot of an Artist and Designer from Rotherham.  He is emailing his friend to persuade them to come and rent a space at Clarence Works.  His friend is a photographer which links me to my next poster below. 

Close up of email

Although this case study is actually a photographer I know, these are not his photographs.  But I thought it would be quite nice for the photographs to actually be of creative spaces.  I have also included a map of where Clarence Works is as an attachment in the email.

Close up of email

My third poster is based on a Fashion Designer who is from Sheffield.  I have used photographs of her work in my poster.  The first attachment shown in the email is to show that she is in the process of adding more of her photographs to the email she is about to send to her brother.  The pink text also makes the message a bit more girlie.

Close up of email

The above and final poster is a case study of a Web Designer, unfortunately he is not from Sheffield but I really wanted to use web design as one of my ideas.  I have designed each poster with the same layout, colour scheme and font.  I have used Rockwell throughout and used it to create the Silent Cities Logo.  Each screenshot I have tried to make it clear that they are four separate people.  I have used different desktop backgrounds for each one, changed the applications in the doc and used different colours and fonts in the actual email.  The text on the poster is an extract from the screenshot, which will hopefully grab peoples attention so that they read the rest of the poster.  On each extract I have made sure the words 'Clarence Works' appears on each poster.  Although the poster is to focus on the image of the screenshot and be quite personal,  I have made sure that the words 'Affordable Office Space' are in a larger font too as I didn't want to detract from the actual point of the poster.  I decided to not use too much copy on the text, just what I thought was relevant. 

This idea could work well as other general promotion such as Flyers, Direct Mail, Facebook/Internet Advertisements, or Business Cards. These posters could be put or used in various places such as;  Libraries, Universities for people about to graduate, Art or Design shops, Design Magazines, Local Magazines, e.g. Now Then or the Grapevine, local websites etc. These posters could also be shown not just in Sheffield but nearby places such as Chesterfield, Rotherham or Doncaster.

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