Monday, 23 May 2011

Poster Ideas

After hitting a brick wall and not being able to decide whether to do four posters on general objects that you would find at creative spaces, like a coffee cup or a bunch of keys etc. I have two ideas that I want to choose between.  One is to base my idea around a screen shot of an email in various ways, aiming the creative spaces at different creative people and their different creative areas, such as illustration, or fine artists, sculptors etc.  Here is one rough idea of the sort of thing I am wanting to achieve in a few varieties of colour:

It would probably make more sense to use the silent cities colours, which are black/grey, white and orange.

My idea for the above images is to advertise the space in a slightly different way by having this screenshot of an email on a imac screen as a poster.  I have made it so it looks like there is an illustrator doing his work at the Clarence works, He is finalising his images ready for an exhibition that will be taking place at the Clarence works the following week. In the email shown he is trying to persuade his friend to rent a desk who is into photography. There is the silent cities website in the background. The artwork featured on this design is by a local Illustrator called Michael Latimer who is from Rotherham. I will play around with this image, adding other bits of typography to make it look like more of a poster, and make it more obvious that I am promoting and advertising office space to rent.

My other idea is to take close up photographs of objects aimed at different creative people such as a pair of scissors and clothing pins, a tape message etc to illustrate that a fashion designer could use the space.  Or a photograph of a sculpture to show that sculptors can use the creative space as a place to exhibit or create and design their work.  Here are some rough visuals below:

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