Monday, 13 June 2011

Final Posters

Below are my final four posters based around a screenshot of an email.  Each poster represents a case study of four different creative people.  I know all of these people and I have made sure me mentioning their names was ok before I went ahead and showed their work.

Close up of email

Above is a screenshot of my first poster which is based on a screenshot of an Artist and Designer from Rotherham.  He is emailing his friend to persuade them to come and rent a space at Clarence Works.  His friend is a photographer which links me to my next poster below. 

Close up of email

Although this case study is actually a photographer I know, these are not his photographs.  But I thought it would be quite nice for the photographs to actually be of creative spaces.  I have also included a map of where Clarence Works is as an attachment in the email.

Close up of email

My third poster is based on a Fashion Designer who is from Sheffield.  I have used photographs of her work in my poster.  The first attachment shown in the email is to show that she is in the process of adding more of her photographs to the email she is about to send to her brother.  The pink text also makes the message a bit more girlie.

Close up of email

The above and final poster is a case study of a Web Designer, unfortunately he is not from Sheffield but I really wanted to use web design as one of my ideas.  I have designed each poster with the same layout, colour scheme and font.  I have used Rockwell throughout and used it to create the Silent Cities Logo.  Each screenshot I have tried to make it clear that they are four separate people.  I have used different desktop backgrounds for each one, changed the applications in the doc and used different colours and fonts in the actual email.  The text on the poster is an extract from the screenshot, which will hopefully grab peoples attention so that they read the rest of the poster.  On each extract I have made sure the words 'Clarence Works' appears on each poster.  Although the poster is to focus on the image of the screenshot and be quite personal,  I have made sure that the words 'Affordable Office Space' are in a larger font too as I didn't want to detract from the actual point of the poster.  I decided to not use too much copy on the text, just what I thought was relevant. 

This idea could work well as other general promotion such as Flyers, Direct Mail, Facebook/Internet Advertisements, or Business Cards. These posters could be put or used in various places such as;  Libraries, Universities for people about to graduate, Art or Design shops, Design Magazines, Local Magazines, e.g. Now Then or the Grapevine, local websites etc. These posters could also be shown not just in Sheffield but nearby places such as Chesterfield, Rotherham or Doncaster.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Poster Ideas

After hitting a brick wall and not being able to decide whether to do four posters on general objects that you would find at creative spaces, like a coffee cup or a bunch of keys etc. I have two ideas that I want to choose between.  One is to base my idea around a screen shot of an email in various ways, aiming the creative spaces at different creative people and their different creative areas, such as illustration, or fine artists, sculptors etc.  Here is one rough idea of the sort of thing I am wanting to achieve in a few varieties of colour:

It would probably make more sense to use the silent cities colours, which are black/grey, white and orange.

My idea for the above images is to advertise the space in a slightly different way by having this screenshot of an email on a imac screen as a poster.  I have made it so it looks like there is an illustrator doing his work at the Clarence works, He is finalising his images ready for an exhibition that will be taking place at the Clarence works the following week. In the email shown he is trying to persuade his friend to rent a desk who is into photography. There is the silent cities website in the background. The artwork featured on this design is by a local Illustrator called Michael Latimer who is from Rotherham. I will play around with this image, adding other bits of typography to make it look like more of a poster, and make it more obvious that I am promoting and advertising office space to rent.

My other idea is to take close up photographs of objects aimed at different creative people such as a pair of scissors and clothing pins, a tape message etc to illustrate that a fashion designer could use the space.  Or a photograph of a sculpture to show that sculptors can use the creative space as a place to exhibit or create and design their work.  Here are some rough visuals below:

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Further Development

After looking at other creative spaces, I have decided to create a set of 3 or 4 posters to advertise the Creative Spaces in a Creative Way.  I have decided to use certain objects as the main focus point in my design, also using typography with certain slogans to attract the publics eye.  For example, I could have a close up image of a bunch of keys, with a Clarence Works keyring or a Creative Spaces one - This would represent the 'Easy in and out access available'.  This image could have typography stating that you can come and go as you please, or 'Thanks to Clarence Works, Jerry can come and go as he pleases'  I need to choose the right objects to get across to the target audience what Creative Spaces has to offer.  I could also base my target audience as a charity so could have objects to symbolise each charity or organisation. Here are just different themes or objects that I could use to represent Creative Spaces:

Design Based

E.g. 4 posters - Each one to represent a different area of creativity e.g. Illustrators/Graphic designers/Fine Artists/Musicians etc

  • Mac Screen/screen shot of an email
  • Broad band - wifi box
  • Paint brush in jam jar
  • Paintings/frames (gallery)
  • Post it notes
  • Laptop
  • Photographs/camera rolls/tripods
  • Guitars/pianos/Guitar pick
  • Sculptures


  • Bunch of keys/key-rings/key rack
  • Coffee cup - cup, spoon, milk, jars, sugar cubes, coffee rings, glass, kettle, cup holders, coffee swirls, person holding a mug
  • Parking ticket
  • Tea trolley
  • Voicemail message on mobile phone
  • Cat/dog or postman
  • Letterbox
  • Chip shop - Chips in newspaper
  • Pens/pen pot/papers on a desk


  • Teddy bears
  • Children/nursery
  • Ribbons etc
  • Art & Craft groups - ball of wool etc

I could show these themes and objects in various ways, by using just typography and wording, photography, illustration or a mixture of different mediums.  I quite like the idea of using my own photography and using typography to enhance my designs appropriately.  Below is the style of photography that I quite like and could use for my designs:

Other Creative Spaces In Sheffield

There are various spaces available for let in Sheffield.  I have looked at a few of them to maybe give me some inspiration for an idea for mine or a theme I could base my designs around. 

S1 Artspace was established 15 years ago as the main artist-led organisation in Sheffield and is now a marked leader in the contemporary art scene of the city. It has offered studio spaces to artists and has remained consciously outward looking through its public exhibitions, screenings, discussions and by operating in broad support of artistic development.

Bloc Studios is an artists led studio complex comprised of 56 spaces and the Bloc Projects Gallery. Its mission is to create a creative and stimulating environment for fine artists to work in. Its location in the heart of Sheffield city centre makes it close to the local amenities, both railway and bus stations, and the local galleries. Bloc provides: 

  • 24 hour access
  • Free parking
  • Central heating
  • Free WiFi access
  • Affordable, secure, self contained spaces with good natural light
  • Outside working areas
  • Recycling facilities and communal recycled wood shed
  • Kitchen and communal areas
  • Shared communal garden space
  • No additional service charges

Having researched on the internet, there are more creative spaces in Sheffield than I originally thought, here are a few more companies and projects etc below:

Electric Works is a unique, contemporary office space for creative, digital and media businesses.  It provides a friendly yet professional environment for fast growing companies (4-15 people), larger businesses (of up to 60 employees) as well as some of the best specified facilities in the UK for freelancers and sole traders.
With state of the art IT and plug-and-play offices, the building provides a fantastic step-up for ambitious businesses who want to expand their horizons. Electric Works was recently dubbed the UK's only 'Helter Skelter Office' following the launch event in March 2009 which attracted a national and international profile for Sheffield including prime time news slots on Sky News, CBS and Channel 5.  Electric Works is just two minutes walk from the mainline train station and less than five minutes walk from the centre of one of the UK's largest and friendliest cities.

The Workspace Sheffield

Creative Arts Development Space [CADS]

Creative Studios and Exhibition Space in Sheffield

We are a social enterprise, providing creative studios for rent and exhibition space for hire in the Shalesmoor area of Sheffield.
Primarily working with artists, musicians and creative businesses, to build a community of artisan productivity.

Quality affordable studios and exhibition space in a creative community environment deep in the heart of Sheffield's industrial sector, less than 10 mins walk from the City Centre.
Based over two ex-industrial premises, we offer a range of studio sizes, from £20 per week including bills, various sizes available.
We have a range of ways to get involved with CADS. From internships, volunteering or jobs.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Creative Space Ideas

Having looked through all the different Silent Cities projects, I have narrowed it down to the general promoting of Silent Cities - designing an Annual report or the Creative Spaces project at the Clarence Works in Sheffield.  After brainstorming some ideas for both projects, I have decided to choose Creative Spaces.  Before I decide how I am going to advertise/promote the space available to let, I need to figure out a target audience that could use the space. Below are a list of different subject areas, people/groups or things that the space could be used for:

Creative People

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Art Studio/Exhibition work
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • English Language - Writers/Poets etc

Charities/Organisations to help people

  • Domestic Violence
  • Young offenders - Hidden talent/no education etc - need an extra push in the right direction
  • Drug addicts
  • Social Workers - People that have real stories to discuss/get help, advice and support/group sessions e.g. building up confidence activities/ help find jobs/housing/fundraising events etc

Other Organisations/Groups

  • Feminist groups
  • Children/Nursery - different groups, Brownies etc
  • People with learning difficulties - Activities/days out etc
  • Mums - Work away from home, bring kids with them etc
  • Illness related organisations - Support work/group sessions etc
  • Self employed
  • Teenagers - A place to work away from home
  • Single parents/young mums
  • Entrepreneurs - Setting up charities that need a place to work
  • Volunteer workers - Passionate about helping the disadvantaged community
  • Advertising - Meetings on how to advertise and promote their organisations

There are various ways that you could advertise this workspace, some below are:

  • Mini booklet with images and stories - e.g. The silent communities lives
  • Videos/digital media
  • Advertise through companies
  • Online Adverts - Banners/websites/Gumtree/Sheffield Forum etc
  • Articles in papers/magazines
  • Leaflets/Posters
  • Direct Mail packages/Flyers
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Logos - Mascots to represent company etc

A little bit more about the Creative Spaces Project that I need to keep into consideration:
'Affordable Office Space'
Sick of working from home but can’t afford to get an office of your own yet? So are we. That’s why we’ve bagged some affordable premises to share with other emerging social entrepreneurs and creative peeps:‘A place at the table’.

If you’re looking for a friendly, supportive environment at a price you can afford, contact us to book your place at the table.
What table membership includes…
From as little as £50 a week, we’re providing affordable office space and companionship for start-up social entrepreneurs/creative sole traders including:
  • Your place at a friendly table.
  • Free wifi.
  • Use of meeting room/training room (up to four hours a week)
  • A nanan travel rug for chilly days.
  • Morning meditation.
  • Tea trolley doing its rounds at 10.00am, 3pm. G n t trolley 5.00pm;-)
Also available at reduced cost to members:
  • Evening hire of board room/meeting room/training room for your social enterprise’s board meetings or workshop delivery.
  • Hire/purchase of refurbished and recycled digital media equipment through one of our partners, Silence Breaker Media.
  • For those lacking the motivation to get out bed, we offer the ‘angry boss’ service where we pretend to be your boss and leave angry messages on your answering machine.
All this and the support of people making the same leap.
We’re sure you’ll agree, this all makes for a better crack than talking to your cat/postman.
Lovely as they are.
Interested? Contact us. We’ve only got two places left so be quick!
Your place will be available from October 2010.

Below are some photographs and a short video of the Creative Space at Clarence Works in Sheffield:

What makes it different?
  • Unlike so many office spaces, it's got soul!
  • Be around like-minded people - you're not on your own - ideal for start ups going mad working from home
  • Rent a desk, but get free access to a meeting room too (four hours a week, extra they pay for)
  • Drinks trolley!
  • Easy in and out
  • Flexible - desk share?
  • Free on-street parking
  • Free wifi
  • Postbox right outisde
  • Chip shop, greasy spoon and walks along the don, all on the doorstep
Who's the target audience?

Creative startups/new social enterprises - people who are losing their mind working from home!

What design problems need to be solved?

How to get in the punters - need rent out three desks and lots of bookings of the meeting/workshop room