Thursday, 19 May 2011

Further Development

After looking at other creative spaces, I have decided to create a set of 3 or 4 posters to advertise the Creative Spaces in a Creative Way.  I have decided to use certain objects as the main focus point in my design, also using typography with certain slogans to attract the publics eye.  For example, I could have a close up image of a bunch of keys, with a Clarence Works keyring or a Creative Spaces one - This would represent the 'Easy in and out access available'.  This image could have typography stating that you can come and go as you please, or 'Thanks to Clarence Works, Jerry can come and go as he pleases'  I need to choose the right objects to get across to the target audience what Creative Spaces has to offer.  I could also base my target audience as a charity so could have objects to symbolise each charity or organisation. Here are just different themes or objects that I could use to represent Creative Spaces:

Design Based

E.g. 4 posters - Each one to represent a different area of creativity e.g. Illustrators/Graphic designers/Fine Artists/Musicians etc

  • Mac Screen/screen shot of an email
  • Broad band - wifi box
  • Paint brush in jam jar
  • Paintings/frames (gallery)
  • Post it notes
  • Laptop
  • Photographs/camera rolls/tripods
  • Guitars/pianos/Guitar pick
  • Sculptures


  • Bunch of keys/key-rings/key rack
  • Coffee cup - cup, spoon, milk, jars, sugar cubes, coffee rings, glass, kettle, cup holders, coffee swirls, person holding a mug
  • Parking ticket
  • Tea trolley
  • Voicemail message on mobile phone
  • Cat/dog or postman
  • Letterbox
  • Chip shop - Chips in newspaper
  • Pens/pen pot/papers on a desk


  • Teddy bears
  • Children/nursery
  • Ribbons etc
  • Art & Craft groups - ball of wool etc

I could show these themes and objects in various ways, by using just typography and wording, photography, illustration or a mixture of different mediums.  I quite like the idea of using my own photography and using typography to enhance my designs appropriately.  Below is the style of photography that I quite like and could use for my designs:

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