Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Background Of Silent Cities

Silent Sheffield is a pilot project which brings creative people together to help local charities and give silent minorities a voice. The aim is for the pilot in Sheffield to spread through-out the UK making it the parent organisation of various Silent Cities, e.g. it could expand onto Silent Leeds, Silent London etc.  This model is similar to the Virgin organisation.  The Virgin company is the corporate brand for its consumer brands of Virgin Megastore, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Media.

It is trying out a range of creative services and products to disadvantaged groups and the organisations who support them.  Services range from brand workshops to user-led making and intergenerational projects.

They are also aiming to launch a range of creative online products to facilitate creative volunteering and bring together silent issues to raise awareness, share best practice and consult with the general public.  Their emphasis across all projects is to approach issues creatively and build capacity within communities so they have the skills and experience to ultimately deliver and sustain the projects themselves.

The aim is to trial projects and programmes over the next two years with our local pilot, Silent Sheffield.  They then aim to take what works and roll it out to other cities.

Brand Values

Creative manifesto (rules of engagement)
1.    Challenge assumptions
2.    Be receptive to new ideas
3.    Recognise similarities or differences
4.    Make unlikely connections
5.    Build on ideas to make other ideas
6.    Look at things in new ways
7.    Take risks
8.    Take advantage of the unexpected
9.    Surround yourself with difference
10.  Write your own here...

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